Employment and the workplace

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ESG initiatives are increasingly becoming an area of focus for our employer clients, particularly on the social and governance side.  Whether they are looking at ensuring their workplace policies are inclusive, attempting to create or foster a diverse workplace culture, or simply demonstrating that they are moving forward in line with broader societal change and progress.

Crucially, demonstrating a commitment to ESG values can help employers to attract and retain top talent, reduce risk of employment litigation and create diverse workplaces. This in turn can maximise productivity and output meaning that employers’ commitment to ESG goals makes good business sense.

How we can help

Employment law naturally dovetails with many ESG issues and as experienced employment lawyers we give commercial, pragmatic and insightful advice on a wide range of ESG related matters.

With wider social issues often dominating the headlines, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter movement or #MeToo, we advise employers on their legal obligations, best practice guidelines and strategic frameworks for dealing with such issues. In turn, this enables them to respond dynamically and commercially to the ever-changing landscape in which they are operating.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Drafting workplace policies to promote supportive and inclusive workplaces covering a wide range of topics such as equal opportunities, anti-harassment and bullying, transitioning at work, anti-corruption and bribery, whistleblowing, family friendly and flexible working.
  • Delivering training to HR leaders and wider workforces on a variety of topics such as workplace behaviour (particularly prevalent with the rise of the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements), discrimination legislation or family friendly rights.  
  • Advising employers on their obligations in relation to employees’ health and safety, including an awareness of mental health issues, responsibilities in respect of disabled employees or considerations about the health and safety of workplaces.
  • Investigating and tackling issues that may arise in employee grievances or disciplinaries to help uncover and resolve any underlying problems within a workforce, including mediating, and also helping clients to promote diverse and inclusive workplaces.
  • Assisting employers with fulfilling legal obligations such as gender pay gap reporting and modern slavery statements.
  • Working closely with our colleagues on corporate governance issues and advising employers on associated announcements and communications.


COVID-19 support for global luxury brands

Advising various high-profile luxury brands throughout the Covid-19 pandemic including in relation to furloughing employees, implementation of health & safety measures for a return to the workplace and parental leave queries.

London branch of a US Law Firm

Advising clients on understanding their obligations in respect of gender pay gap reporting.

Establishing Diversity and Inclusion networks for investment manager

Advising a specialist international infrastructure investment manager on Diversity & Inclusion initiatives including the creation of a Diversity & Inclusion committee.

Employee policy reviews for luxury hotels and resorts

Drafting and reviewing workplace policies for various luxury hotel and resorts clients in relation to their employee handbooks, including policies in relation to flexible working, whistleblowing, anti-harassment and bullying.

Behaviour in the Workplace Training for our financial services firms

Providing training on Appropriate Behaviour in the Workplace for the full range of our financial services clients – designed to foster a supportive, diverse and inclusive workplace and to remind employers and employees of their legal obligations.

Modern Slavery statements for US clients

Providing training to US clients on modern slavery as well as assisting in drafting a modern slavery statement for this client, ensuring it satisfied its legal obligations in this respect.

Flexible working requests for clients in a variety of sectors

Advising numerous clients on flexible working requests and best practice policies.

Whistleblowing claims 

Acting for both financial services clients and individuals in respect of bringing or defending whistleblowing claims.